Why Teach?

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…To create leaders.

Horses and people.

Horses are mostly misunderstood by people. Often times, this mirrors back onto our horses. Meaning, our horses misunderstand us. I feel that it is important to study and learn why a horse does something so that you can creatively and clearly communicate your commands.

Clear Communication

This starts with a basic understanding of how a horses thinks. Once you understand what the horse cares about, you can then further establish a defined language. A language of aerobic dance maneuvers. This can only be done with very clear cues followed by timely releases.

Health and Care

The way you take care of yourself is an example of how you will care for those around you. This plays into the old sage of, “If you cannot show the love to yourself, how can you truly love others? The way you take care of others is by taking care of yourself, showing them the ways to eating healthy and fitness training. Do not expect your horse to do the things you yourself cannot do. In this light, it is important to point out here that I can only teach those of you who have the desire to learn and fully commit to being the example student.

Importance of Focus

It is impossible accomplish anything without first having a clear vision of what it is you want. Same goes in the handling and riding of horses. My horse, Troy, will take the lead as soon as my focus has drifted succumbing to gazing at the beach surroundings. Meaning that, Troy starts to go down the trail he wants to as soon as I become a passenger.


Teaching leadership through the medium of teaching horsemanship. Leaders like to create other leaders. Why? Because birds of a feather flock together. In other words, leaders like to create leaders because they want to surround themselves with people who think like them and inspire them.


galloping-wavesMonica O. Krause has a passion for horses and has all through her life has seemed to be in a position of teaching others about them. She specializes in teaching horsemanship on the Central Coast of California. Contact 805.709.4663 Monica O. Krause
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