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How I Teach

Many ask me, “What discipline do you teach?” My answer is that I teach what the horse and rider care about.

Everyone has a different end goal when it comes to horses. However, everyone starts at the same place. There are certain things to know about horses at a starting point. It is important that one is introduced to horses in such a way that it inspires the desire to train the horse themselves, even though they are learning about the horses for the first time.

Equestrian School Levels

1. Groundwork & Games.

2. Care and Management.

4. Human & Equine Fitness.

5. Balance Riding.

6.  Translation from in Hand/Ground Commands to Mounted.

7. Practice Makes Perfect & Study (Rinse and Repeat).

8. History Study of Horse Heritage and Training Methods.

9. Safety

galloping-wavesMonica O. Krause has a passion for horses and has all through her life has seemed to be in a position of teaching others about them. She specializes in teaching horsemanship on the Central Coast of California. Contact 805.709.4663 Monica O. Krause

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