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Schedule your month of horsemanship or mustang training with Monica O. Krause now. First come first serve…

In order to be one of Krause’s students, you will need to pay in advance the number lessons, field trips and horse training hours you can afford on a monthly basis. You may tailor each month to your specific needs and what your pocket book will allow.

Cancellation:  If Monica needs to reschedule a lesson, you will not be charged for that time, but rather just postponed for a later time or day. If you need to cancel the lesson for any reason resulting in rescheduling, in order to not be charged for that time, a 24 hour notice is required. Otherwise, the missed lesson will be accounted to your account.

Create Your Custom Student Package: For those who want to embark on an empowering journey to become a rooted horseman or woman.

NOTE: Once your order is made, please contact Monica O. Krause @ 805.709.4663 to schedule time for your Private Lessons, Field Trips, or Youth Camps.

Service Description Cost Purchase
1 Hour Private Ranch Lesson Work on your horsemanship & riding goals. $40.00
1 Field Trip Pismo Beach, Montana De Oro, Santa Margarita Lake… $85.00  
1 Far-Away Field Trip Lompoc, La Purism Mission, Nipomo Woodlands… $155.00  
1 Full-Day Youth Camp 5-8 Hours $100.00  
1 Half-Day Youth Camp 3-4 Hours $60.00  

Create Your Custom Mustang Training Package: For those who do not wish to learn how to train their own horse and rather have a skilled trainer do the work.

NOTE: If you would like to bring your new mustang in for training, please contact Monica for space availability before purchasing services. If you already have a mustang in training with Krause, then please put in your next months order. Payments are due on the 1st of each month. Thank you!

Service  Description  Cost Purchase
Mandatory: Custody & Care Food, Labor & Land Use per Month $300.00
Mustang Training Hours 1 Hour of Training per Day $35.00
Mustang Field Trip 1 Trip to Pismo Beach, Montana De Oro, or Santa Margarita Lake $70.00

If you have not already, please print out, sign and date the following waivers. You may Fax signed forms back to 805.473.1536 or email scanned files to UnitedMustangsOfAmerica @ gmail.com. Thank you for your commitment to your mustangs and horsemanship.

galloping-wavesMonica O. Krause has a passion for horses and has all through her life has seemed to be in a position of teaching others about them. She specializes in teaching horsemanship on the Central Coast of California. Contact 805.709.4663 Monica O. Krause
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