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Empowerment with Equine

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How empowering would it be if you could train your own Well, the truth is that you are already a trainer. This is because everyone has influence, even the baby in the stroller. The question is, are you a good trainer or a bad trainer? In other words, are you a positive influence or a negative one? Are you getting the results that you are looking for?

As a “horse person”, I find that there are those who are just “riders” and then those who are “trainers”. It is my speculation that there should be no difference between the two. Everything you do with your horse is training him. Even if you are just a “rider”.

It is my goal to enlighten others to the fact that there should only be one role… the horseman (or woman),  rather than a distinguishment between riders and trainers. True horsemen and women know that it is generally unwise to ask your horse to do something from the saddle that you could not origionally get from the ground.

This role clarification does not rule out the fact that “trainers” need continued guidance, as well, from those who have developed greater mastery. It is our responsibility to always strive towards mastery, and on the path to mastery, keeping an open mind and consistent practice is required.

Now ask yourself, are you satisfied with just going along for the ride? Or do you strive for something more? …To become the student and the teacher? …To have total influence over your horse? It is my hope that you want to be well rounded; working with your horse from the ground up.

Right now we have 11 mustangs enrolled in the United Mustangs of America school that need developing leaders like you to give them an education while learning and developing your skills. All of our school mustangs are available for adoption.

If this interests you, then please contact Monica O. Krause for horsemanship lessons or for clinic schedule. 805.709.4663 Trot on!
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galloping-wavesMonica O. Krause has a passion for horses and has all through her life has seemed to be in a position of teaching others about them. She specializes in teaching horsemanship on the Central Coast of California. Contact 805.709.4663 Monica O. Krause

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  1. Karina Simburger

    There will always be those who want things given but those who partake in a teamwork learning attitude from the ground up, will be rewarded with a priceless experience!

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