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It is my passion to bring new people into the world of horses and give them a solid foundation in horsemanship. Many ask me, “Oh what discipline do you teach? My answer: the discipline of yourself. With me, you will gain the necessary mindset and skills to be a remarkable equestrian. You are only a bad “rider” until you accept being a bad “rider.”

Horsemanship is really about self-mastery…

It is important to first explain why we do what we do, rather than just what to do. We are not computers that need programing, but rather intelligent beings that can imagine many creative solutions under specific guidelines. My goal is to create and leaders. Why? Because it is much better to give someone an education empowering them with tools to make appropriate judgements leading to successful decisions so that they may sore like eagles, rather than just repeat what I tell them to do mechanically like squawking like a duck. You will come to understand that leadership is the basis of  horsemanship.

How do you lead?

…By example. I work hard to be the example for my students, as that is the basis for leadership. One of the first things you will learn is the mindset it takes to be the leader of your one human and one horse team. If you are not the leader, your horse will end up taking on that roll.

To be one of my students, you must be dedicated, strong physically and mentally, live a healthy lifestyle, does not play the blame game, and loves adventure. If you possess these qualities, then please contact me to get started. Nothing pleases me more than to help those become the best equestrian they can possibly be. I am just as honored as I am eager to embark on that journey with you.


Ranch Lessons & Field Trips:

$40.00/hour ranch lesson.

$85.00/Local Field Trip (i.e. Pismo Beach, Lopez Lake, etc.).

$155.00 Longer distance Field Trip (i.e. La Purísima Mission, etc.)

Availability: First come, first serve. All days open upon request.

Location: Private Ranch is located in Arroyo Grande, CA 93420. You will receive the address and directions once the appointment is confirmed.

Trail ride field trips take place in the San Luis Obispo county and as far south as Lompoc.

Payment: Please pay via cash or check in advance or at time of your first Class of the month.

Punctuality: Please show up to lessons on time. Tarty time will be deducted in scheduled lesson time.

Re-Scheduling: If you need to reschedule, please do so with at least 24 hour notice. No shows to class will not be refunded.

New Students: Please call ahead of time for directions and availability. 805.709.4663. Thank you.

galloping-wavesMonica O. Krause has a passion for horses and has all through her life has seemed to be in a position of teaching others about them. She specializes in teaching horsemanship on the Central Coast of California. Contact 805.709.4663 Monica O. Krause
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